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'’It should be our legacy to prepare and leave a life respectful to nature and the World to the future generations’’ 

With this understanding, we as NEUVATEC, develop useful products for our country and the world, while illuminating the future with our RD studies of 10 years. We aim to make life easier with ideas that are compatible with the current world conditions and meet the ever-changing needs.

The advancements which have gained speed with the technologies such as Industry 4.0 and 5G have brought along a great deal of innovations with themselves. Stress, environmental problems, access to raw material and the problems related to the supply chain are the most vital issues that the countries must solve in the near future.

The most important component of the solution is a manner of approaching which attaches importance to the human-being, environment and the resources.

These are our priorities as NEUVATEC :

  • R & D
  • Productive use of raw material
  • Environmental sensitive approach
  • Energy and resources productivity
  • Sustainability